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Simple Food rules to stay healthy:

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

1.Starting the Day with Smoothie

Starting the day with a healthy smoothie loaded with nutrients helps us stay energetic and fit through the day. Add a dark green leafy like spinach, microgreens like paan, mint, coriander, tulsi leaves or curry leaves, any seasonal fruit 100gms and spices like cinnamon, black pepper, rock salt and fresh turmeric. Add nuts and dried fruits for added taste and wholesomeness.

2.Prefer Herbal tea or Green tea over regular Chai

Drinking Chai first thing in the morning not only causes acidity but also the milk is also not good for insulin function. Replacing chai with herbal tea or green tea during the day prevents acidity and aids bodily functions.

3.Start drinking raw Green juices and eating Salad

Raw green juices and salads are loaded with micronutrients that are otherwise lacking in our diet. The addition of fibre from raw food also improves digestion and general functions of the body. Raw greens are full of magnesium, which is a mineral that several diabetes patients are deficient in. Eating salad and raw greens in the form of juices or smoothies or chutney everyday helps boost overall health and the micronutrients in raw food is specially for diabetes reversal.

4. Balanced Meal Plate

Balance your meal by keeping 25 percent of the plate for all essential food groups. 25 percent grain for carb, 25 percent protein, 25 percent cooked vegetable and 25 percent raw greens and vegetables for micronutrients

5. Eat Rice or Roti, not both in one meal

Excess carbohydrates cause blood sugar to rise. Nearly 70 percent of an Indian food plate is carbohydrate. It is also difficult to digest two types of carb in one meal. Eating either one roti or one bowl rice in a meal will reduce the quantity of carb and also ease digestion and stabilizing blood sugar.

6. Eat Chutney to make every meal tasty

Chutneys are ancient food wisdom given to us by our ancestors. Eating raw herbs, vegetables, nuts and seeds in the form of chutneys are great for our health.

7. Eat the right wheat or replace with indigenous grains

Avoid only wheat Rotis. Mix it with sorghum (jowar), pearl millet (bajra) and buckwheat (Kootu), etc.

8. Don’t overcook the vegetables

Overcooking vegetables makes them loose essential nutrients in the process. Slow cooking and avoiding pressure cooking may be the right way to go for cooking vegetables right.

9. Add lentils, sprouts and beans to your diet

Try to reduce intake of animal protein and instead add plant- based proteins to your diet. Animal protein is also often loaded with artificially injected growth hormones that are harmful to us.

10. Replace Animal milk with Almond Milk & Coconut Milk

Milk we buy often has a lot of growth hormones and other artificially injected hormones. This makes the dairy more harmful than beneficial to us. Go for grass-fed, hormone free desi cow’s milk. Coconut milk and almond milk are good replacements too.

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